Guide de montagne des Tatras, Tomasz Świst, In the mystical taiga. Finnish Lapland 2011

In the mystical taiga. Finnish Lapland 2011

Right then when mist drifting in constant wind gusts above forests start to spin around tree tips once getting thickened once rarefied and the bloody-golden Sun always hung so low around here joins that dance of light and shadow things look most magnificently...
To all those glorious moments from above winter's Tuiskojoki and Luirojärvi, from dark spruces of the path to Hammaskuru, gloomy wilderness and swamps of Jaurujoki and Keskipakat tundra or Korvatunturi and Kivipää rocky slopes more...
ferociously struck by arctic winds, to all those morning and afterglows of Laponian, mystical taiga, to that tangible legend I dedicate that photogallery.
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