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On the trail. Guiding Season 2014.

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Tatra Mountain Guide. The Last Breath of Summer in High Tatras.

The middle of September in Tatras, mountains have just turned white after freezing cold mist enshrouded peaks and forests... Memories go back to one surprisingly and exceptionally brilliant day of the last week, the Tuesday between rainy Monday and depressingly gloomy Wednesday. A gift of fate and heaven for us heading from Stara Roztoka to Morskie Oko lake and further and higher to the summit of Rysy peak. Lucky we! It was a very long day, saying goodbye to the passing summer. With best greets for Mike from Pennsylvania.
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Tatra mountain guide. The very best of the season.

Webiste update coming verrrry soon!
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nick: Tony Rudall
2013-07-06 11:22
Superb guide!! Great with kids on my exped from Prague and helped contribute to one of the best expeds I have ever led...................and I have been all over the world!

Tatra mountain guide. Between Tatra storms and Pieniny sunny idyll. Guiding season opened!

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Tatra mountain guide. The Sun and the Rainfall.

It is half June, EURO championship in Poland, pervasive football madness fever all around was rather not too difficult to forecast though one can't say the same about the weather gifts and surprises sent from heaven above in recent days. The landscape is changing. Manacles of winter are gone for good, mountain glades around the rocky ridges begin to overdress themselves in vivd green. One cloud drives every antoher one, morning peace or golden evening glow are almost an illusion. Can't see that frustrating weather rollercoaster's happy end...
Fortune is fickle and the last Thursday's cool shower underneath "smoking" Giewont peak fell into oblivion in regard to Friday's burst of sun and wind that disperses the thickest mists and opens before inquisitive eyes of a child - the door of Tatra space of rocky summits, deep valleys and hospitable mountain glades... more...
Best greetings to all, brave, young entrants of mountain hiking and their counsellors from Rzeszow's Grammar School No. 16 and grammar school from Babica!
Special thanks to Mrs. Grazyna and Mr. Tomasz for all those great photos such expressly delivered to my mailbox!
Lodowy.pl - wishing marvellous summer holidays to all dear companions of the springtime guiding voyages of mine! Let it be wonderful, brightly sunny time of your life filled with unforgetable, joyful adventures wherever the lucky fate takes you - to the mountains high or to the seaside where wide horizon never ends!
See you soon!
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Always on my mind...

"All the islands in the ocean
All the heavens in the motion
Let me show you the world in my eyes"*
Best regards to little hikers from Szczebrzeszyn and the whole Klimawentex company team
who I had pleasure to spend last week in Tatras with. more...
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nick: Grzegorz
2012-05-28 22:26
Rowniez pozdrawiamy i dziekujemy,wycieczka bardzo udana profesionalizm przewodnika w kazdym calu ,szkoda tylko ze Łomnica nie wypaliła ...czekamy na zdjecia

Tatra mountain guide. Today's morning above Lapszanka...

Best greets for the whole, joyful team of the class I B from the Sisters of the Presentation grammar school in Rzeszow, which I had a pleasure to accompany as a guide while wandering across brilliantly spring Spis highland and Pieniny mountains in recent days :)
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nick: Sandra
2012-05-13 22:29
Dziękujemy za niepowtarzalne chwile spędzone razem i pokazanie nam "innej" strony polskich gór! Serdecznie pozdrawiam. PS. Może do widzenia na następnej wycieczce ? ;)
nick: Justyna
2012-05-11 20:01
Dziękuję, wycieczka bardzo mi się podobała!!!!! :D
nick: Madzia
2012-05-10 21:18
Dziekuuuuuujemy Panie Tomku było genialnie !!!!!!! Niech Pan jedzie z nami na wycieczke w przyszłym roku !!!!
nick: Piotrek
2012-05-10 20:54
Dziękujemy za wspaniałą wycieczkę! Do zobaczenia na szlaku :) Pozdrawiam
nick: Oliwia
2012-05-10 18:34
I dla Pana przewodnika też pozdrowienia :) Było bardzo fajnie! ;d

Castles of Spis, Koscieliska crags and meadows... Guiding season kick-off!

Summer in winter, winter through summer... The great May-day picnic time has just exploded en fanfare under the cloudless blue skies over the whole Poland, in cities, across woods and waters, on foot of snowy Tatra peaks glancing more and more audaciously through the valleys dressing themself in more vibrant green tonations within every single hot day, valleys filled with enthusiasm of hikers thirsty of wide views full of bright sunlight, views of the mountainworld coming back to life. Koscieliska and Regle valleys, Hala Gasienicowa, Morskie Oko... trails became crowdy, only Javorina as usual...as if belated and silent, totally separated and uninvolved in the noisy river of people and cars ceaselessly flowing on the opposite side of the Gombosi forest... more...
Luckily there was enough space to roam for everyone, for those pilgriming one after another and for those brave ones skiing steep snowfields of sunny Studena valleys or from the heavenly saddle of "Icy pass"... Tatras at their best in full beauty, hiking season kicked off! Tatra mounatin guide goes to work...
Castles of Spis highlands, rocky gorges, crags and glades of Koscieliska valley in sunny scenery of blooming springtime for the good inauguration of this year's guiding for myself. Sending best greetings for tourist group of school-teachers from Żyrzyn which I had pure pleasure to guide on the voyage on those gorgeous May days!
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nick: Magdalena (grupa z Żyrzyna)
2012-05-17 17:15
Serdecznie dziękuję za fantastyczne rozpoczęcie sezonu :) wykazał się Pan ogromną wiedzą i zapałem, i zdecydowanie profesjonalnym podejściem do laików w dziedzinie wędrówek górskich :) na pewno będę polecac Pana usługi :) pozdrawiam :)
nick: Michał
2012-05-07 13:30
Wielkie dzięki Panie Tomku za bardzo ciekawą i profesjonalnie zorganizowaną wycieczkę w Tatry i ciekawe zakątki Słowacji... pzdr...
"Nothing makes the earth seem so spacious as to have friends at a distance; they make the latitudes and longitudes." - Henry David Thoreau
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