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Dingle, Ireland.

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Back to Ireland

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Caucasus, Russia 2017

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Mount Chersky. Khamar Daban, Buryatia, Russia 2017

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Baikal. Svyatoy Nos and Mount Glinka. Buryatia, Russia 2017

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Tunka mountains. Buryatia, Russia 2017

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Sakhalin mountains. Zhdanko, Russia 2017

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There’s luck in leisure. Snowdonia & Mount Snowdon, North Wales, UK, 2016

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Just Can't Get Enough! Berg Lake & Valley of a Thousand Falls. Canada 2013

photos: 63
Unforgetable October time on Berg Lake turquoise waters and stunningly impressive Berg Lake trail at feet of Mount Robson, the most prominent massif(3954 m asl) of Canadian Rocky Mountains. British Columbia, 11-16th October 2013
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Robson Glacier & Snowbird Pass. Canadian Rockies of BC 2013

photos: 40
12/13 October 2013. Between somberness and brilliant sunshine, two different days spent on hiking along Robson River valley, climbing up to the edge of high moraine of mighty Robson Glacier and further towards Snowbird Pass, unfortunately not reached due to lack of any trace across vast snowfields, deep snow and short day. Impressive, glaciated scenery of Mount Robson and neighbouring massifs admired from perfect vantage points in the East. Enjoy.
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Lake O'Hara. Yoho National Park. Canadian Rockies 2013

photos: 32
In the very heart of Yoho. Long awaited heavenly pleiad of ridges and glaciers over Lake O'Hara. Welcome to British Columbia! 5-8th October 2013
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Across the Rocky Mountains of Canada. October 2013

photos: 60
From Kananaskis in the South across Banff and Jasper and further till Liard river and Yukon border in the North and back via Revelstoke, Selkirks, Glacier NP and Yoho. Travelling and roaming across Canadian Rockies in October 2013.
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I believe I can fly! On the Holy Mountain. Mount Athos, Agion Oros, Greece 2013

photos: 55
One week of encounters with thousand year old history and heritage of Christian Orthodoxy holy land. Pilgriming from one monastery gate to another passing lush, secret gardens echoing birds and monks singing, smelling blooming springtime. Across Aeagean hallway to paradise. Hiking to the summit of the holy mountain of Athos. Athos Peninsula, Agion Oros, Ἁγίου Ὄρους, Chalkidiki, Χαλκιδική, Greece. 7-14.03.2013
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In the shadow of the big mountain. Mount Damavand, Iran 2013

photos: 61
High mountain final of my Nowruz voyage to Iran. Ascent to Mount Damavand(5 610 m asl) in Alborz mountains by the southern summit route. Never climbed at such truly "breathtaking" altitudes before... 28-31.03.2013
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Danube Bend encounters. Hungary

photos: 18
Golden October delights on Danube river bend. Dead Can Dance "Anastasis tour" concert in Budapest, meeting Peter and hiking together to Mount Preidkaloszek in Pilis mountains. From Visegrad to Esztergom. Hungary, 18-19th October 2012
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Summer's ending on katuns. Following sheperd's path across Albanian Alps.

photos: 64

Echoes of the Cursed Mountains III, Gusinje-Karanfili-Extras

photos: 35

Echoes of the Cursed Mountains II, Valbona-Çerem-Kolata

photos: 64

Echoes of the Cursed Mountains I, Ropojana-Theth

photos: 69
Bjeshkët e Nemuna/Prokletije - Albania/Montenegro, September/October 2011

Postcards from Ordesa. Pyrenees 2011

photos: 91

Prokletije. Between winter and spring.

photos: 70
2 weeks ago, under my eyelids still richness of admirable views of borning spring... among snowy peaks above Grbaja and Ropojana. Some selected photos here for your enjoyment.

Scottish impressions 2010

photos: 74
The album presents some selected views from last springtime in Scotland caught while crossing that idyllic land of mountains and lakes in the earliest stage of the first of three last year's Trans European journeys of mine. Across the mystic Highlands, from Glasgow through Glencoe and Fort William with Ben Nevis climb(series of pics will appear in a separate album here) along glens and above silent lakes to windy, remote Isle of Skye and back North through neverending heathfields and mountain passes to medieval Edinburgh. Wonderful memories of great trip with some unforgetable, fairy-tale impressions in typically Scottish weather mixture of equally sudden storms and sunny spells.
Highlands of Scotland, 23-25 May 2010

Heading to Vihren peak. Pirin mountains, Bulgaria 2010

photos: 59
The end of September on Pirin's highest peak. As far as I remember the area used to attract my mind's interest long ago... The mountains, indeed, as many have already mentioned very much resemble our Tatras excluding marble Vihren massif. Forced to resign from Koncheto ridge traverse and bivouacing due to further plans, we took the simplest, southern summit route leading from Bansko town via Vihren hut and Vihrenski Preslap plateau. The last mountain on our European trail kicked our asses totally.
The impression we'll remember most about the trip will be that arduous climb while which the childish ambitions mixed with the complete discouragement and looking for all possible excuses not to go any step further... and as it often happens, the Sun coming out through clouds and the snow-white pyramide of the peak shining above the head on the right moment tipped the balance. For hundred times that was truly worth of continuing. For those views, awaited for years, for those incredibly big herds of chamoises encountered on the way back down the valley in awesome evening scenery. It started to rain heavily the next day...

Meteora. Kalabaka, Greece 2010

photos: 47

First time in Prokletije mountains. Montenegro/Albania 2010

photos: 146

September days in Durmitor. Montenegro 2010

photos: 100

Fjords of Norway 2010

photos: 20

In the Home of the Giants. Jotunheimen, Norway 2010

photos: 56
Early August time Norwegian Land of Giants welcomed me, coming from Far North after a visit to Lofoten Islands, with a tearful drizzle from steel coloured sky. Though full of holes, narrow driveway upwards the valley to Spiterstulen base hidden deeply in the mountains was truly worth the effort. On the following day which was my very last chance for climbing action the good luck was once again by my side. Cloudy skies abstained from giving any more rain and the hike along the eastern ridge towards summit of the highest mountain peak of the whole Scandinavia - Galdhopiggen - above staggering tongues of giant glaciers opening their icy jaws with thousands of seracs and crevasses was an absolutely fantastic experience. Besides the magic of the ice armoured mountains arising one after another from beyond the clouds - the most rugged and primeval landscape I've ever encountered. And everything would be even more brilliant if not the fact that numerous pics from the Jotunheimen hike perished somewhere in the hard disk mess not saved well enough. All that survived is being presented here.

Through high passes of Swiss Alps 2010

photos: 14

Goodnight Matterhorn! Swiss Alps 2010

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Ben Nevis, Spring in Scotland 2010

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On a May trip to Wicklow. Ireland 2010

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Views of Connemara. Ireland 2010

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Windy day in the Mournes. Northern Ireland 2010

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Crazy trip with no planned accommodation and travel timetable fallen straight down from gracious heaven...including visiting never sleeping Madrid, golden night behind medieval las Murallas of Avila and finally crossing Sierra de Gredos - the main mountain chain of central Spain culminating in its most impressive, high granite nest of Circo de Gredos, where I found myself after some surprising situations on the way, to call them even simply wonderful fickle fingers of fate...
Considering shortage of time I was absolutely lucky to get to the very heart of the mountains and get out of there on time to reach my plane back to Ireland and what is most important succeed in climbing Almanzor, the highest peak of the whole range. I've never seen mountains that in look of their postglacial forms and the highest rocky part remind my beloved High Tatras so much! Superb hiking and climbing area, wonderful nature with numerous herds of wild iberian ibexes...Unforgetable adventure that makes you want to come back there.
Sierra de Gredos, Castilla y Leon, Spain, 26/27 September 2009

Carrantuohill & Gap of Dunloe. Ireland 2007

photos: 8
The album presents some images from my 3-day trip to Ireland’s highest mountain range of Macgillycuddy’s Reeks in beautiful Kerry county. The trip was undertaken 17-19th April 2007 during absolutely gorgeous...needless to say sensational for Irish conditions...weather time. Wonderful, evening walking through famous Gap of Dunloe and successful Carrauntoohil peak climb. Great adventure, unforgetable impressions of those spring moments.
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