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White whispers and horizons of blue. Spitsbergen 2022.

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Faces of Ice. Spitsbergen 2022.

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Lapland 2021 - Kasivarsi, Tarvantovaara & Poyrisjarvi

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Lapland 2021 - Øvre Dividal & Nordkalotten

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Lapland 2021 - Sarek

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Sarek 2020

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Lapland 2020

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Laponia 2019

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Polar Urals 2018

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Lapland Wintering 2018

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Autumn in the Urals.

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Between the winds. Polar Urals. Russia 2017

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One month in taiga. Lapland 2017

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Eastern Lapland, Finland, March 2017
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Into the wildest wild of Europe. Sarek 2016.

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nick: Kamil
2016-10-20 21:38
Północne cuda raz jeszcze. Najlepsze galerie na lodowym :) Pzdr

Over the Gates of the Arctic. Rapa river delta from Mt.Skierffe. Sarek, Lapland, Sweden 2016.

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nick: Kamil
2016-10-11 11:25
No i jest.. Oby więcej takich wyjazdów. Pzdr !

Asylum of solitude. Chasing the dream on cloudy marshlands. Lapland of Finland 2015 (II)

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Two weeks in northern wilderness, from hut to hut both in depressive somberness of the ending Arctic daylight and first, glittering chords of Laponian wintertime. Straight from the russian bus from Murmansk to the woods at Raja Jooseppi and further south to Jaurujoki valley, to cross Devil's Gate "Pirunportti" pass then heading towards Suomunjoki river valley with happy final in deserted those days Saariselka, where, to my amazement I met ...my Finnish companion from last winter's Korvatunturi ski hike - Jani. Big woods, small world. Urho Kekkonen National Park, Lapland, Finland, 19.10-2.11.2015.
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Arctic Winds. Khibiny, Kola Peninsula, Russia.

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Short visit to icecold, windy Khibiny mountains at the base of Kola Peninsula wilderness. There, where scary huge postsoviet industral ideas rotting and wildly vibrant at the same time meet neverending, untouched farnorthern wild mountain desert in close embrace creating unbelievably confusing, but still so interesting esthetic impression. Kirovsk town and hike to Mount Kukisvumchorr summit. Murmansk region, Northern Russia, 16th October 2015.
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Lapland Dreams. Ski hike from Naruska to Saariselka. Finland 2015

photos: 461
To all those never satisfied with their lust for real winter, feel invited to step into my last winter's northern dream :)
One month long wintering in frosty and snowy Laponian taiga woodlands, 300 kilometers on skis along Finnish/Russian border across boundless silence and wild vastness, pushed forward by the everyday promise of aurora's magic on crackling fire accompanying the dream... Laponian Dream.
Ski Hike: Naruska-Korvatunturi-Saariselka, 26.02-21.03.2015, Lapland, Koilliskaira, Finland.
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True North. Yukon and Northwest Territories from Above. Canada 2013

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North America's Arctic frontier from skies. Yukon and Northwest Territories landscapes from Air North flight: Inuvik - Dawson City - Whitehorse. 22nd October 2013.
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Wildest Dreams. Arctic Landscapes & Dempster Highway. Canada's Far North 2013

photos: 77
On the road to nowhere.
Whitehorse - North Klondike Highway - Dempster Highway - Inuvik and Mackenzie river delta area. 19-22nd October 2013.
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Alaska Highway. 1840 miles across the wild. Dawson Creek - Whitehorse - Dawson Creek.

photos: 69
Adventurous hitching Alaska Highway, from Dawson Creek to Whitehorse and back. Canada, October 2013.
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Lofoten 2012

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Where Snowy Bells ring... Wolverine Day above Singi. Lapland of Sweden.

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Spaces inexplicable. Laponian wanderings, from Kvikkjokk to Abisko. Sweden 2012

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I went into the woods... Where the Nowhere means everywhere. Winter in Lapland. Ivalo - Lemmenjoki - Inari ski cross.

photos: 202
Northern Lapland, Finland, March 2012
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From hut to hut. Following winter trail of Ivalojoki gold rush. Finnish Lapland 2012

photos: 64
On the trail of forest huts and cabins, up the icebound Ivalojoki river. Lapland's gold rush remnants unhidden from deep snows, from Ivalo via Kultala to Kuttura village. Full photostory for the recent winter roaming across Far Northern woods in the photogallery published above.
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In the mystical taiga. Finnish Lapland 2011

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Right then when mist drifting in constant wind gusts above forests start to spin around tree tips once getting thickened once rarefied and the bloody-golden Sun always hung so low around here joins that dance of light and shadow things look most magnificently...
To all those glorious moments from above winter's Tuiskojoki and Luirojärvi, from dark spruces of the path to Hammaskuru, gloomy wilderness and swamps of Jaurujoki and Keskipakat tundra or Korvatunturi and Kivipää rocky slopes more...
ferociously struck by arctic winds, to all those morning and afterglows of Laponian, mystical taiga, to that tangible legend I dedicate that photogallery.

The silence of the hundred mile forest. Saariselkä - Korvatunturi - Kemihaara and extras.

photos: 154
North-eastern Lapland, Finland, October/November 2011.

On Lofoten Islands. Norway 2010

photos: 88

Lofoten. A piece of paradise in the Far North. Norway 2010

photos: 137

Pictures from the Far North part II. From Nordkapp to Narvik

photos: 22

Pictures from the Far North part I. From Rovaniemi to Nordkapp. Finland/Norway 2010

photos: 10
In construction

In the land of midnight sun. Lapland, Finland 2010

photos: 32
"The man who goes alone can start today, but he who travels with another must wait till the other is ready." - Henry David Thoreau
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