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Happy New Year!

Happy hiking, happy climbing and flying always high over that wonderful world we live in,
Good luck in your life journey through that New Year. Have a lovely, adventurous time in 2015!
Best wishes to you, your beloved ones and friends.
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nick: Robert
2015-03-02 22:09
Dziękuję i... nawzajem :-) Spełnienia marzeń i realizacji planów.

Wandering through the Forgotten - Autumn's Kingdom in Bieszczady mountains

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One upon a time above Piargova valley.

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Just a few Moments Idyllique... Low Beskid.

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Springtime is here.

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A Time to Kill, a Time to Win. Yearning for Winter.

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Stepping into New Year...

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Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!

Best wishes of brilliant, family, happy Christmas celebrations atmosphere
to all dear companions of guiding trips that we shared together in the passing season,
to all those who I was so lucky to encounter on my way, somewhere far or just behind the corner here,
to all those who like to pay a visit here from time to time, wishing all of You the most joyful Christmas time.
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8000 kilometres of Canadian adventures. October 2013

Far from home till mid November, e-mail contact only. Cheers!
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On The Road To Nowhere. Across the Arctic. Yukon & Northwest Territories.

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Above and Beyond. Five Days at Berg Lake. Mount Robson Prov. Park.

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The Ghosts Come Out at Dusk. Lake O'Hara. Yoho National Park.

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Across the Rocky Mountains of Canada.

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Fagaras Woods, Transilvanian Castles. Touring Romania.

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One summer morning on Lomnica peak.

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Monks from the holy Mount Athos. Springtime dream of Chalkidiki, Greece.

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In the shadow of the big mountain. Mount Damavand, Iran.

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"Hello Mister!" Close encounters with Middle East. Nowruz 1392 in Iran.

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Between white and blue. Tatra winter landscapes 2013

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A glimpse of winter in Bieszczady mountains

I'll be right back! more...
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Nad Kralovou sa blýska! "Lights over Kralova" Silvester celebrations in Low Tatras.

As the old year passed away with colourful seas of clouds, the brand new one came with the southern wind, high up there, far above everything on Kralova Hola summit on Low Tatra ridge, fantastic impressions and amazing people encountered. Moments to remember... Happy New Year Everybody!
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Der Berg ruft! See you in the New Year!

Mountains calling... See you all in 2013!

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!

Best wishes of brilliant, family, happy Christmas celebrations atmosphere
to all dear companions of guiding trips that we shared together in the passing season,
to all those who I was so lucky to encounter on my way, somewhere far or just behind the corner here,
to all those who like to pay a visit here from time to time, wishing all of You the most joyful Christmas time.
Tomek more...
Apart from Christmas wishes, I wish to thank all of you, good people who I had the privilege to meet while taking part
in Summitpost project, thanks that you remembered about me and for your great support in the recent hardest time.
You have confirmed my personal belief in the indestructible humanity and at the same time proved how useful tool
in the area of sending positive vibes and emotions that help one to stand up from knees that web, the internet can be.
You're all great.
Cedar from Tahoe lakeland, Roberto, Silivia, Jacek, Tim, Larry, Chad, Kathy and other good people. Thank you.
Cedar! Roberto! Come back to our, to your SP place! Happy Christmas!
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"Moon & Flying Saucer over Tatras" flying high.

Straight after Roztoka meeting, we - I mean myself and long time not seen, my good companion from Irish times - Kuba, on thet brilliant Sunday morning, we decided to undertake a trip to Rysy peak from the South. We wished to get that luck that day to encounter the evening scenery of sea and rivers of clouds filling the valleys around just below our feet, but what we got instead was rather classical late November panorama of mountains awaiting the first, serious winter blow to come. Full sunshine along the day and nobody on the trail while hiking up till iced Zabie plesa lakes valley where we meet one Rysy refuge coworker going down. Shared a few words... more...
Mentioned Rysy refuge looking just perfect after all those modernizing works done in recent years after some horrible avalanche demolitons reaching the place, brand new building shining in the Sun now starting hopefully its new, better life. Closed as the guy left earlier today, but the huge, green stove inside, so original and famous already is a must-see and must-touch attraction for the next visit to this area. Some thick iced rocks on the travers below the hut, the diagonal ledges leading to Kogutek pass(Vysoka summit route) already winded with snowdrifts. The pass of Vaha welcomes us with some furious wind gusts. Mysterious, lonely trace goes across the snow cornice steeply down straight towards the dark abyss of Tazka valley, Kuba speeds up in his run for the sunset from the summit and I start to shoot...
In the far South, the horizon is being closed by the boiling sea of clouds overflowing Low Tatra ridge. Much closer with that beautful scenes behind, sky is being drawn by the sharp silhouettes of Kopky and Basty peaks with Satan which dark shapes contrast strongly to sunset glow brightness, the land of Mordor far below us... Rising right on side - Vysoka peak begins to dress itself with the royal red, majestic Gerlach peak further away, whole in gold, admired through the rock gate of neighbouring ridges. Looking to the East, right behind the edge of the ridge nearby reflecting that mad wind roaring, the very last touch of sun still warming the summit of Kolovy Stit rocky pyramide and mighty Ladovy summit dome, sliding for a few moments more across rugged ridgeline of Hrot, Svistovy and Diva Veza. White Tatras are first to get rid of that amazing illumination and fade away in the dark. On the opposite side, the massive peak of Krivan, slanted characteristically like an old man drowsing clearly leaning on the colourful cushion. The night is approaching from the valleys below while the bright, silver moon crawls out to the skies and the one, astonishingly solitary, medium sized lenticular cloud, pupating ceaselessly pushed with the northern wind is hurriedly crossing that horizon just alike some flying saucer from outer-space.
Flying saucer up there, between moon skies and Tatras...
Short life of the beautiful glimpse of time and reality, the dark of night enshrouds us.
Under the eyelids it's still flying through the space. Catched!
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The night, the most lonely one. Glass mountain survival story again. It's been 6 years already.

It is already six years that pass just today since one of the most dramatic mountain adventures of mine, the story of November day & night survival under Havran peak in White Tatras, six years, lots of things changed and happened during that period of time, but the memory about of that accident remains and comes back to me every end of November, every year... more...
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Guiding season ending. Roztoka 2012

One may argue, but the upcoming end of November must mean some closing time of mountain guiding season here in Tatras and so saying the last weekend of the month brought traditional events of the mountain guiding season ending at Roztoka refuge gathering Tatra mountain guides, members of Cracow's Maciej Sieczka's Tatra Mountain Guide Club on annual meeting. Saturday training trip and evening celebrations in the best companionship and atmosphere. Brilliant Sunday for Rysy climb with Kuba,a friend of mine, not seen for several months, since leaving Ireland and the rest of time spent in beloved White Tatra nooks. Perfect time... more...
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November nights. Time to say goodbye.

Through November night I was walking... Darkness and pain, Jaurujoki bend, the sixth day of Laponian alienation from everything and hope for the other riverbank, getting closer to nothing, sky of steel propping elbows with dead moorlands, sheds a tear. Phone ringing. I hear your voice, feeling like standing between two worlds, unbelievable experience, "take care!", ok! The horned king of swamp casts the last incisive glance, fading away. Keskipakat area, submerging myslef into the wet, cold blackness... Stars going out, the curtain of taiga forest falls down, no contours nor shapes ahead, swamps that never end, I wade through... Following azimuth only, relying on faith, rainfall kills the pale headlamp light, the pot gets mixed with drizzle and wild mire, I fall into brown peat and stand up quickly, where the hell you are!? give me just a sign... more...
Free expanse, the brink of the forest on the horizon brings hallucinations, close or far away, just to get a single step closer, I sink deep down, I crawl, where the hell you are!?...to go, just to go further ahead, till there's any energy to push me... forest path junction, reindeer gate... there you are... placed in the shapeless darkness, lost and found, Manto-oja, the dearest hut of mine, in the very heart of the swampland. Water, light, warmth, a thought of home, a rescue, the reminiscence of the longest November night of that naively carefree life that passed... from the day, exactly the one in the calendar one year ago, the memory which - I still don't believe in what I write here - I won't be able to share with you anymore... more...
You were here, where it all began and waited here for the end of every story of mine. You, the tireless lamplighter, the smell and the taste of good times, of happy return. Oh yes, I always loved to come back here, where you were, always... you were... Good times, old corners and places beloved around, everything filled with your presence. Silence. That November night, night without dawn. 6:27 am, phone ringing, waking up, wringing heart. Ice cold, indifferent corridor on the third floor, a window to the South, your last view adn silence. We were sure to meet after breakfast, that must have been going well! No farewell, so suddenly, you passed away.
Empty corner of the flat, a place by the table, evening slippers, shoes, watch, nobody standing in the window, nobody's waiting, light switched off, silence.
To look into the sky, to wish impossible things, to hear voices, to see signs, to believe... Somewhere, there must be better than here.
See you. Thank you for all those years together, for everything Dad, my Dad... Bye.
Hurry up to love people, they pass away so fast
Only shoes and silent telephone remains
Only what is trivial lags like a cow
The most important is so beautiful that occurs suddenly
Afterwards natural silence therefore unbearable
Like purity born straightforward from distress
When we think about someone, remaining without them
Don't be sure that you still have time, because certainty is vague
It takes away compassion like any joy
It comes simultaneously with pathos and humour
Like two passions still weaker than one
They go away fast like thrush falling silent in July
Like sound a bit awkward or emotionless bow
To see decently they close their eyes
Though greater risk is to be born than to die
We still love too little and always too late
Don't write about it often but once and forever
and you will be like a dolphin gentle and powerful
Hurry up to love people, they pass away so fast
And those who perish, not always return
And we never know talking about love,
Is the first the last, or is the last the first?
Jan Twardowski
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Obnoga. Once there was a place...

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Non omnis moriar. Where the Sun of Cubryna never sets.

On that All Souls' Day.
In memory of all those, who led by their mountain dreams left onto the Heavenly Ridge, to all those I dedicate that note.
In memory of a girl, who following her romantic dream of Havran peak were led across grassy prairies filled and scented with October Sun above the Happy Returns' valley behind the edge of life, towards the eternal peace promise, up there, under the blue skies of that brilliant October day... Silent story which unintentional witness I suddenly became and the imagination life-tested once, hit and stimulted now, has reconstructed myself the way of drama that occured. more...
If I only knew. From the thousand of questions asked, every another one will be answered by the mountains with neverending silence...
Your dreams live still and will last in kindred spirits who turn their eyes toward the mountains despite the whole evanescence.
And let the perpetual light shine upon you.
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The Garden of Delights. Danube Bend encounters. Dead Can Dance in Budapest.

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Across "Kresy" - Eastern Borderlands of Rzeczpospolita

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Tatra mountain guide. Postcard from Tatras.

Another summer heat wave is reaching high up to Tatra ridges disposing of the most lasting, last snowy winter remnants. Wihte tongues of snowfields disappear in a glimpse, one after another from the most veiled nooks of Kacacia and Tazka valley upper floors. After mid-July sailing among flowers of Tomanova valley, high above among the peaks and crags - the landscape of half-desert mountains awaits just alike somewhere on Sinai... The sacrosanct peace of Biela Voda "White Water" in its seasonal contrast to neighbouring Morskie Oko crowds thick as never before, everything has its time.
Mr. September, the most glorious Tatra dreams' painter is on the verge... approaching with all-colour palette in the bosom with a promise of the quietude of woodlands, autumnal balance and silence... Where is He gonna come from ? From the West or from the East ? Time will tell... more...
Sending postcard from Tatras today, filled with brilliant sunshine and best greetings to: fantastic group of young tourists from Laski Wielkie from which that hot summer began for me... to always so joyful Fanny from Brussels with sailing through colourful flowers of Tomanova and dancing clouds of Zavory pass in the background of great memories, then to Three Brave Hearts of Glasgow, Stirling and Edinburgh coming from windy Highlands of Scotland to High Tatras, whose cheerfulness, passion and ambition of climbing new summits impressed me so much, finally to Kuba and Wojtek, friends of mine who never give up exploring those beloved "small big" mountains.
I thank you all most cordially for hiking and climbing together, for your superb companionship - something so much important in those hard days for me. Let that smiling, summer sun stay always with you, take care!
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Cheers from Lofoten!

The third, summer stage of Laponian wanderings of mine ended with a week-long epilogue on Magic Islands. Right after emotions of a half-day bus journey, offering such out of window impressions that some travellers simply couldn't remain seated at one place for the whole distance... right at the end of the bus route I was lucky to land on some amazing bivouac spot just right above dark waters of the most famous, postcard fiord at Reine. Happy comeback after two years here, to delight eyes - always insatiable with the astonishing scenery of that unbelievably beautiful corner of the world, more...
a place where rocky mountains and spires, licked with soft green meet steel coloured ocean expanse touching blue skies. Fairy tale from definition thouch in case of my visit I still must admit that could have been even more eventful, but as usual one can always count on Far North summer weather caprices and because of which I was forced to focus whole activity around Reine and Moskenes, reaching Reinebringen summit, but giving up climbing Helvetestinden from Vindstad with some lovely traverses above Bunesfjord golden beaches and a hike to one vantage point aboce Ramberg. Enough to say about the weather surprises that the day before I started my hitchhike journey back I was almost blown out while sleeping with my tent to the sea! Not complaining loudly, but my appetites were bigger...
On Lofoten Islands there, lots of Germans and... Polish, as tourists as... permanent, local inhabitants already "colonizing" that gorgeous place at the end of the world in that "Irish way" I am so familiar with. Almost "feel like home" climate, almost... as the local prices of just anything keep the head sober reminding that you're still very, very far from home!
From the tugged by furious winds very western tip of Lofoten archipelago, I have a pure pleasure to send best greetings to Ania Adamczyk and Jasiek Mela(North and South Pole conqueror!) met on the verge of road near Reine, hoping you both continue or maybe already finished your happy vagabond across Scandinavia.
Best greets also to Chris from Konstanz for filling those wonderful, uplifting moments of impressions above the abyss with magnificent Lofoten panoramas till the end of the horizon with some fantastic chat on Reinebringen summit.See you!
Special thanks to Frank Rune Johansen - native Lofotian, not only for helping hand given to a stranger on the road
in the middle of nowhere, but also for that long, interesting and so much positive talk complementing my good memories
of encounters with People of Far North! Thanks Frank & all the best to you!
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Where Snowy Bells ring... Wolverine Day above Singi. Lapland of Sweden.

There, where snowy bell rings...
One episode from the travel logbook, far far North...
On the first day of August 2012 I found myself hiking barren, rocky "fjell" highlands, slippery ravines, passing around a dozen of lakes in constant drizzle, heading blindly east as the path line chosen was hardly noticeable for most of the distance. The aim of the day was to get back to Kungsleden trail area again that would let me continue my long march(started in Kvikkjokk over a week earlier) in a bit more civilized conditions further to the North, not being in the best shape then after the heavy fall on swamps over Sitasjaure the day before and suffering severe pain around ribs which was impeding breathing and resulted in definite loss of joy from hiking.
The day was depressively gloomy, even darker than the night before spent on glittering Kaisejaure lake waters. It was around 5 pm when I finally reached wide fields of grassy, mountain saddle with truly majestic, vast view to the East. Firstly toward "smoking" peaks of Kebnekaise massif, secondly toward endless, green prairie of Neasketvaggi valley - scratched with ribbons of countless streams, stretching out right below my feet. Looking further I was able to notice tiny points of Singi station huts somewhere above swamp areas on the horizon. As it couldn't have been that nice and easy of course, the whole pligrimage of heavy, dark clouds dragged themselves, following myself all the way to that beautiful place gifting a nasty rainstorm in final... Waiting. No place to hide anywhere around, getting a bit frustrated... and remaining so helpless I ensconced myself right over the steep threshold of the valley and just then, somewhere from among that whole greyness, from among curtain of raindrops, down there, some strange movement attracted my attention... What I noticed there was... five, ten, hundred, simply countless reindeers!... wandering across their summer pastures! Tremendous spectacle seemed like natural scenography straight from best western movie scenes, reminding me of those marching bisons from "Dancing with the Wolves"... I was absolutely shocked with that sudden impression. One just couldn't estimate where that huge swarm of animals begin and where it ends! It stopped raining quite quickly, warm sun began to disperse clouds and the first piece of blue sky emerged, while the revived light brightened up the whole valley, painted by long shadows of twin silhouettes of two big, rounded, nameless mountains spotted with snowfields, rising over in the southern ridge over the valley - mountains which my imagination named "bells", the big and the small one, ringing their melody with the wind of the neverending northern wilderness... It got so nice around that I decided to become a part of that delightful scenery stepping into that arctic, summer evening which never gets really dark, giving up today's plans of hiking down to Singi and eventually pitching my tent on a grassy terrace above the vast space of the valley. Wandering a bit later around the rocky ridge rising just above I took a glance deeply down to the neighbouring valley with one, huge, noisy waterfall encountering in the meantime several reindeer leaders of the countless herd I saw from the pass before, moving from one pasture area to another. Proud animals seemed to be absolutely surprised with the sight of a lonesome intruder in their deserted homeland. The bright, far northern, summer night went rather still. Luckily, nothing blew me out from my cosy terrace. Some strange moanings were hearable only, making me awaken twice maybe... having a quick look outside... reindeer army was simply encompassing the little piece of the slope I occupied descending back to the valley...
Morning time brought some rain showers, but the skies cleared up so fast and I was ready to go after 10am. Reindeers disappeared, pure silence prevailed all around along with bright sunshine, but the gusts attacking stronger and stronger from behind the nearby pass, from the west, have already forerun another weather breakdown so not lingering any longer I began to hike down in zigzags toward the bottom of the valley. Nothing simpler, the day seemed to start trivailly and who could have imagined that it will go that way for maybe a quarter of hour only... As coming down so lazily, step by step, losing altitude meter by meter, the idyll was suddenly interrupted by the view which just like some bomb alert knocked me down on the ground to the position guaranteeing good camouflage and staying unseen. Having my night-sleeping spot still right behind my back, looking straight down ahead on a swampy hollow with a snowfield my eyes met a sight of two furry, rather big-dog sized, very much characteristically shaped creatures frivolling and jauntily enjoying themselves. I was neither able to get control of my excitation nor to believe in my luck, reminding myself immediately about the camcorder I never use, buried somewhere on the bottom of my fat backpack. Hands are shaking, but I am filming... WOLVERINES!!! The old dream of discovering one of the most secret faces of Arctic wildlife is just coming true right before my eyes, oh my God what an astonishing moment! The beasts seemed not to acknowledge my presence or were not interestes, not mentioning so close neighbourhood between me and them through the whole night... They were just having truly good time, playing and gambolling happily, pelting themselves with wet snowballs made from the snow pulp of the snowfield which surface formed the roof of the ice cave carved out from below being their winter home. The characteristic light stripe embellishing dense, brown fur on both sides of the body, magnificent, bushy tail and those absolutely extraordinary faces, neither doggish nor wolfish or bear's ones. I took a bit more risk and tried to get to them for just a few steps closer, still hidden behind grassy hump. Having no idea how could they react on me observing them, I didn't find the courage for anymore, admiring jollities of Snowy Bells valley rulers for over three quarters of an hour to retreat silently and discreetly then, walking around the wolverine den in the safe distance and continuing my hike towards Singi with the heart filled with emotions and pure satisfaction of that unique morning encounter.
Encyclopedic note describing wolverine vel Gulo gulo - also referred to as glutton, carcajou, skunk bear, quickhatch or "the omnivorous one" - "Der Vielfraß" in German language countries - is full of curiosities..."Considering its appearance, wolverine has been recognised as close relative to dogs or bears for centuries. In many regions of the world it gained unrightfully bad reputation for its suppositious ferocity, aggression and strength out of proportion to its size, with the documented ability to kill prey many times exceeding its size. Bloodthirstiness..."
The loner, remarkably mobile and hard to observe. The largest weasel of the world, despite living in the far-northern climatic zone not hibernating through the wintertime. Swims and climbs rocks and trees excellently. [i]"Omnivorous - eating mostly carrion, but may also attack even large mammals like deers, elks or reindeers in harsh wintertime - catching them up in persistent, long-distance run in snow(...) The great strength, courage, agility and tenacity characterize the wolverine - there have been documented many cases of confrontation for a meat spoil between wolverine and much bigger and stronger predators such as American black bear, cougar or even wolfpack. Young and unexperienced wolverines sometimes get killed during those fights, but adult ones usually win such duels(!)."
According to some discussive historical references wolverines used to inhabit even north-eastern Poland area centuries ago.
It is most probably - the least researched species of large-sized land predators. Extremely hard to track.
With the best greetings to Svenska Turistföreningen woman team - august hosts of Singi station on Kungsleden!
Short video footage from the encounter with Lappish wolverines presented below.
"Wolverine Day above Singi" / youtube HD /
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Spaces inexplicable. Laponian wanderings again. Kvikkjokk-Saltoluokta, Ritsem-Abisko (Kungsleden, Nordkalottleden etc.)

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100 000 x Lodowy.pl and thanks a million to all of you!

Three weeks has passed since the moment when Lodowy.pl website visit counter exceeded the number of 100 000 what I found as a quite symbolic fact at least in not very long history of the website (the very early version appeared on the web in February 2011) giving me that satisfactory feeling I wish to share now with you all!
Apart from normal news course of on-giong events about which I try to publish here more or less regularly, the website awaits for some improvements and necessary addenda as in its structure as also in basic content where for example "OFFER" section will be enriched with some brand new content being prepared dynamically these days.
All novelties are to be published late autumn time straight after guiding season closure. more...
I wish to express my gratitude and thanks for all your hints and indications about funcionality and utility of the website.
They are absolutely helpful, waiting and asking for more!
Best greets with cordial invitation to correspondence to all Visitors and Friends of Lodowy.pl!
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Come, see & explore PODKARPACKIE! /Subcarpathia of Poland/

Lodowy.pl invites you to have a glance at two, brand new promotional film productions presenting
Podkarpackie - Subcarpathian voivodeship area in the South-East of Poland with its advantages
as a tourist and investment destination. Home sweet home and congrats for the job well done to the Producers!
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Ladovy vs Havran

Summitpost.org. Situation rather out of the ordinary, fratricidal duel between Ladovy and Havran - two views and photoshots of one April evening in the daily SP "photo of the day" contest with the victory of the second one - White Tatra twin sister, the mountain less elevated, but having so much impressive profile, the mirror reflecting so many adventures and unforgetable encounters! The full decade passes just now since the only moment I touched Havran summit with my feet, a consolation prize after Muran summiting failure... White Fang still there, waiting...
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Hallowed ground. On the corner of Javorina and Jurgow avenues...

''Old friends meet on the edge of town
Sharing conversation, hoping things´ll soon get better
While their children meet, got the world at their feet
Not knowing what´s around the corner
Are we living for an uncertain future?''*
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nick: Hans
2012-05-12 23:07
Pamiętaj, Słońce Cubryny nie zachodzi nigdy!!!

Lodowy's springtime dreams...

"One attraction in coming to the woods to live was that I should have leisure and opportunity to see the Spring come in.
The ice in the pond at length begins to be honeycombed, and I can set my heel in it as I walk. Fogs and rains and warmer
suns are gradually melting the snow; the days have grown sensibly longer; and I see how I shall get through the winter
without adding to my wood-pile, for large fires are no longer necessary. I am on the alert for the first signs of spring,
to hear the chance note of some arriving bird, or the striped squirrel's chirp, for his stores must be now nearly exhausted,
or see the woodchuck venture out of his winter quarters. The sinking sound of melting snow is heard in all dells,
and the ice dissolves apace in the ponds. The grass flames up on the hillsides like a spring fire as if the earth sent forth
an inward heat to greet the returning sun; not yellow but green is the color of its flame;—the symbol of perpetual youth,
the grass-blade, like a long green ribbon, streams from the sod into the summer, checked indeed by the frost, but anon
pushing on again, lifting its spear of last year's hay with the fresh life below.
The brooks sing carols and glees to the spring(...) A single gentle rain makes the grass many shades greener.
So our prospects brighten on the influx of better thoughts. We should be blessed if we lived in the present always,
and took advantage of every accident that befell us, like the grass which confesses the influence of the slightest dew
that falls on it; and did not spend our time in atoning for the neglect of past opportunities, which we call doing our duty.
We loiter in winter while it is already spring. In a pleasant spring morning all men's sins are forgiven. Such a day is a truce
to vice. While such a sun holds out to burn, the vilest sinner may return.
Through our own recovered innocence we discern the innocence of our neighbors."
H.D. Thoreau "Walden or life in the woods" Chapter XVII "Spring"
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I went to the woods... Laponiada 2012 vol.II memories...

I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately,
to front only the essential facts of life,
and see if I could not learn what it had to teach, and not,
when I came to die, discover that I had not lived.
H.D. Thoreau "Walden or life in the woods" Chapter II "Where I lived, and what I lived for"
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With the Spring Comes Hope. Happy Easter! Happy Holidays!

"All that I know of tomorrow is that Providence will rise before the sun."
Let the spring Sun shine upon your homes!
Happy Easter & Holiday time to all of you
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Wilderness calling. In the arms of the Golden River, when the track leads to nowhere. Lapland's winter. Ivalo-Lemmenjoki-Inari.

To describe a day of life in the woods... let it even sound pretentious - is a challenge still exceeding my writing skills and transcendent thought outreach...
English version update coming soon!
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Lodowy.pl recommends: "Die Mitte" - Into the heart of Europe. Carpathian echoes in Stanisław Mucha documentaries I

In just a few moments there will be 8 years passed since the date we as Poland officially became the piece of the "better part of Europe" again. Our parents' and grandparents' generation aspirations became finally fullfilled...
English version update coming soon!

Lodowy.pl recommends: "Die Mitte" - Into the heart of Europe. Carpathian echoes in Stanisław Mucha documentaries II

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Bieszczady's long winter sleep...

Somewhere there, in the middle of nowhere... Hammastunturi, Lemmenjoki, Vaskojoki... see you by the end of March.
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Here it is. Winter, finally!

So long awaited... some more impatient ones began to disbelieve in natural seasons' succession. To all intents and purposes I didn't find it in the Far North not so long ago, where during November darkness falling deeper and deeper it firstly should manifest its coming, enslaving taiga forests with snow and crackling, freezing cold. Nothing like that. The same story occured in December Pieniny where it only pretended to be there... WINTER !!! Finally... the bell of the middle of January has just rung. Winter! With the impetus of the forceful element it has simply swept gloomy, muddy-misty autumnal landscape of the long, recent months in a blink of an eye, recovering the right order of things and rules of life in the mountains and valleys sleeping under thick white cover these days - when and where after years of wet, overseas life I enjoy my happy return, regaining the taste and joy of snow and fomer skiing addiction... till getting choked of that all!
Sorry for any delays in correspondence these days, but fulfilling that winter longing is now stronger than anything else...
Enclosing a few, brand new pictures from rare good-weather windows among almost constant, furious blizzards invading Kasprowy and Hala Gasienicowa in recent days. See you soon and keep warm!
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nick: Tomek
2012-02-05 19:11
Taaa, tylko pogoda coś nie w ten deseń ostatnio, alternatywnie: lampa w sprzężeniu z 20oma czy 30oma kreskami na minusie albo zadyma przy -15 to jakieś horrendum, ale... jeszcze będzie normalnie heh, pzdr.
nick: Hirek
2012-02-02 11:53
Ładny tekst

At the silent turn of the year.

The end of the year, misty veil enshrouds the mountain land of the flying monk of Three Crowns. Pre-Christmas,
winter emptiness, Dunajec rapids' whisper and the peaceful state of bliss while awaiting the new...
Best wishes of
Great Christmas atmosphere and fulfillment of all personal and mountain dreams in the upcoming New Year
to all of You, dear Lodowy.pl Visitors and Friends
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As autumn leaves. Towards Zelene Pleso /"Green Lake of Kežmarok"/

It's been long since I was here last time. Six months without Tatras as that much time has passed since springtime bivouacing above Ticha "Silent" valley are just too long for someone who roams those old paths of Biala Woda or Javorova day by day with thoughts and eyes of imagination. The route - seemingly banal, from Kotlina by forest traverse above Siedmich pramenov "Seven springs" via closed Plesnivec hut and wonderfully sunny Pastva glade(it hasn't been always as nicely here!) towards Biele pliesa "White lakes" always emanating with peace and silence, but exceptionally loud and "talkative" with sounds of fracturing ice surface that day, continuing further for the evening to Zelene Pleso "Green Lake" covered in deep, cold shadows of the rocky giants - the magnificent high mountain surrounding which used to be the very first, big Tatra love for 15-year old boy discovering that area once. So such a short back to the past, full joy and the whole "belle vue" hotel for me only...
The final November moments in Tatras are just a continuation of this year's neverending autumn season - so picturesquely sunny and misty. The silence and stillness of already faded-out red grassy slopes and steep lawns below the ridges, prepared for the first, real snowfall to come, are being broken by wandering chamois herds, one after another, enjoying the benefaction of nature before the worse times inevitably coming. Full of grandness, idyllic scenery of Medodoly. I don't want to go anywhere, but cold gusts of the west wind finally push me down to the valley. Precautionary chamoises vigilantly observe from above every move of my body, waiting when I walk out at some non-stressfull distance for them. Where setting Sun was meeting shadows I sank into deep forest which almost exactly 5 years after hums and tells the memorable story of the nightlong escape from the captivating arms of Havran. Clatter and gurgle sounds of the water remnants locked in a stream that changed into continual river of ice accompany me in the further hike. When crossing Galajdova glade, more from old habit than from any logical reasons(National Park regulations...)
I go "bushwacker's loop" to the nearby forester's lodge, reaching Javorina village at dusk, where I manage to "capture" some exceptional vistas, views-covers of yearning mind's dreamy projections staying far from here in recent years. See you next, probably full winter time in Tatras!
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Lenticular afterparty. Tatras, painted with the wind.

And the day came beautiful, sunny and moderately chilly just alike the whole passing month. Sunday afterparty of Roztoka celebrations terminated with traditional bonfire nearby ruined sheperd's hut on Rusinowa Polana after which the whole group went via Wiktorowki sanctuary towards Zazadnia to go back home from there. So, I was left alone with my idea of staying longer in the mountains and straight after shaking friends' hands for farewell at the forest church I turned back to Rusinowa, where I found the bright day accenting its end in the most imaginably impressive way.
Along the evening skies coloured with the bloody sunset glow up there, the raging wind was driving numerous legions of unusally shaped clouds in absolutely dynamic arrangements and rapidly changing colouration. Amazing encounter with Altocumulus lenticularis, lenticular "UFO" clouds phenomenon. Flying saucers from above Ladovy and Siroka, brightly illuminated, fabulous, purple "angel's hair" around Gerlach along with the chase of lights and shadows across the faded-out red slopes of Belianske "White" Tatra ridge stopped me on the glade almost till dusk, coping with the wind in most equlibristic poses, trying to hold the tripod that was flying away with wild gusts. In falling dark I began to hike back down to Roztoka which I find unbelievably empty and quiet... It seems that, by chance, I was lucky to find myself in the right place at the right time that day. The "heavenly spectacle" being related here, eternalized in several dozen pictures chosen from that "open-air photo workshop" are waiting for your eyes in a brand new Tatra photogallery. Enjoy!
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From Emerald Island to Roztoka. How I became Tatra guide, the so called "final act".

After all life of an emigrant "jumping back and forth" results in a state of nearly permanent temporarity which applies to both mobile place of residence and work and circle of friends and companions who share your ups and downs today and simply disappear from your life tomorrow. Living out of a suitcase, on the other hand is strongly tempting with more or less virtual visions of full self independence and self fulfillment, paddling your own canoe far from all constricting proprieties.
The art of choice...
4-year long cycle of Irish adventures of mine began almost exactly half-way the Tatra guiding course schedule what must have given the effect of quite serious shaking and consequently obvious extending of the whole undertaking in time. Enough to say that the lucky final of the guiding course inaugurated in the very end of 2005, the successfully passed last stage of the state exam session fell in late November 2009. Symbolic Tatra guide atributes such as original badge and professional identity card were given to me in some envelope on the run for another overseas flight to my new, non-Tatra Promised Land and the next two, long years must have passed to be nominated following proper traditional festive procedure. A perfect occasion for that occured at last past weekend during annual guiding season closure celebrations organised by my "home" Tatra Mountain Guide Club of "Maciej Sieczka" from Cracow. All events took place at Stara Roztoka mountain hut as usual. A solemn pledge around crackling bonfire and in front of numerous audience of guides and other invited guests gathered four fledgling mountain guides and one "paratrooper" of myself in person. And then... the dark forest of Biala Woda was humming gently as well as it was humming in our heads till the break of day...All scheduled and non-scheduled points of the meeting filled that last, sunny November weekend time in Tatras for all who took part in the celebrations and the detailed report from recent Roztoka events is to be read on the Club's webiste(In Polish only, what shouldn't be surprising!)
Many thanks for all Club mates for great atmosphere of the meeting and cordial reception after years!
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Nightmare unveiled. One old picture with a hidden story to tell. 5 years have passed.

I was up there again yesterday, in Koperszady valley. Occasionally, as exactly 5 years - since recalled events occured - pass just today, I simply renew that short article from June...
Have you ever been daydreaming? No doubt you have, quite often I'd bet... we all have as it's absolutely enjoyable, isn't it? On the other hand things go a bit worse when the world surrounding you - though still seemingly being the dreamt one appears to be the most dreadful and... tangible nightmare. When something, even only imagined that has always made your skin get numb or what could suddenly wake you up in the middle of the night with forehead wet of cold sweat from fear seems to be no surreal illusion any longer, but acutely pinching reality... At the same time then one half of your brain puts your thinking and body activities in 5th gear in the battle for survival while the other one still deludes itself trying to cope with that ostensibly familiar vision. Unavalingly...
Recently, while digging deeply through a fair-sized pile of Tatra photos, the ones coming from good, old days of early explorative hikings of mine mixed with some latter ones, I encountered by chance the one picture I haven't even suspected of existing... The very last look of the disappearing daylight above mountain peaks and the epilogue of the one and only, memorable neverending November night...nightmare under peak of Havran in Belianske Tatra range, the same backbreaking adventure and story about which - as I assume - most of my friends must already have had an occasion to hear about ;) The story of crampons coming off my trek shoes on icy threshold edge above black abyss, the flashback of passing among uncountable chamoises, silvered with a moonlight and gaping amazed with strange human presence in those circumstances of place and time... avalanche falling noisy from nearby Novy and fatal weather breakdown for the beginning of the nightlong sleepwalking upwards in icy rain and blizzard, dressed in some summer rags, coping with both physical and mental exhaustion, up towards the invisible ridge that just must be somewhere up there, towards uncertain promise of deliverance from the unexpected trap. Not forgetting stream waters flowing ...upwards and several more oddities of that madness finished luckily with next day morning happyend.
I remember well how much I lost my lust for mountains as a whole then and simply hasn't felt like to turn my head towards Tatras for long, long months after that accidents. A few weeks later I found myself in Ireland for the first time and life went on new paths...
Storytelling and an episode of my personal mountain biography definetely worth an essay to be written and the photomemory found back and scanned yesterday,
I attach to that note, wishing you all for the upcoming summer season only UNFORGETABLE AND SAFE ADVENTURES IN THE MOUNTAINS! Take care People!
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In the mystical taiga. Finnish Lapland 2011

Right then when mist drifting in constant wind gusts above forests start to spin around tree tips once getting thickened once rarefied and the bloody-golden Sun always hung so low around here joins that dance of light and shadow things look most magnificently...
Taiga, great woods of the northern vastness of Earth, to mention only that they spread out for 9000 km(!) from West to East, from Scandinavian Peninsula to the Pacific Ocean. I am rather convinced with the ascertainment that anyone who gets far there at his or hers own request perceives taiga as a bookish legend, mysterious wonderland from child's fantasies and quest for adventure. Those two November weeks spent in the arms of the Far North neverending woods are definetely too little for such myth of taiga to be deprived of that nimbus of majestic mystery, but long enough - when run in favorable conditions, continuous motion and total openness for all that every another morning or evening may bring - to be able to admire various faces of the arctic forest which scenery encountered every new day at different location is a brand new, fascinating discovery and esthetic impression or in some special conditions accompanying even a mystical experience till chills running on your back when you stand balked and your hands, purple from frost, grip the camera not feeling any painful cold running altogether with the whole body and soul amok of admiration of the colourful events' kaleidoscope at the junction of heaven and earth.
To all those glorious moments from above winter's Tuiskojoki and Luirojärvi, from dark spruces of the path to Hammaskuru, gloomy wilderness and swamps of Jaurujoki and Keskipakat tundra or Korvatunturi and Kivipää rocky slopes ferociously struck by arctic winds, to all those morning and afterglows of Laponian, mystical taiga, to that tangible legend I dedicate that photogallery. Inviting all those tired a bit with their well-organized citylife.
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Across the silence of the hundred mile forest. Laponian wanderings. Saariselkä - Korvatunturi - Kemihaara and further.

November. The world behind dirty window declines... One simply can't imagine more suitable time to give vent to all possible, hidden depressions and I must admit it was really close for myself sinking in that after-season lethargy to accept such damned state of affairs... Luckily longings once dreamed up usually don't let me squint my eyes going sleeping, remaining resistant to the flow of time and evolving circumstances they consistently bite my conscience demanding respect for once begotten dreams.
There will surely be a place and time to mention something more about the genesis of the idea of that return to Far North, but in fact as sunny Balkans already became a memoir and November deadness started to knock to my door, the bell of the very last call rang enormously hearty awakening the old call of the quest for an ideal wandering. I simply wouldn't forgive myself if I disdained that...so I returned, just these days, opposed to birds escaping to the South.
It was the last day of October when I found myself in looking as if almost deserted Saariselkä in the North of Finnish Lapland, circa 300 km north behind Arctic Circle to sink into the arms of taiga, the neverending forest that opens and closes all horizons in that part of the planet, making up the content of everything alive or dead in the air and on the ground here. On the 9th day of the hike through all not-warm seasons, across taiga, tundra and eternal woods, by fords deep and shallow, across treacherous swamps, marching on the ridge and traversing fells above sparkling icy tracts of wide, silent lakes, against blasts of arctic cold, along rivers and streams ceaselessly meandering throughout green-brown-red landscape sprinkled with fresh whiteness from time to time - the landscape of divine intention only, untouched for ages by any human, destructive ideas, by narrow paths and cross-country walking keeping close to south-eastern azimuth all the time, by seven league leaps from one hut to another, the only warm and cosy asylum in the heart of primeval, boreal wilderness, in the absolute silence of no man's land and accompanied by ubiquitous reindeers and lemmings, with the whole house on my back, run of luck on shoulders and misfortune of injured left foot, on that 9th day at last, on 112th kilometre of the march, not encountering any living soul on the way up to then, getting to Finnish-Russian borderline I finally reached the main, symbolic goal of my hike - picturesque hill of Korvatunturi owing its fame to the legend of Santa Claus and his Elfs residing as rumour has it somewhere there. The so called "Ear Mountain" listening to all more or less polite juveniles' wishes... Unfortunately my pleas for just a piece, for any tiny bit, short moment of northern lights in the skies have been unheeded. Too much luck already received or maybe my hedonism simply offended the bearded decision-maker?
Amongst further adventures and gifts of fate, the story of that one and only encounter with man in the wilderness one moonlit night upon Vierihaara waters appears in the foreground. Friendly help thanks to which I managed to evacuate myself from the vastness of taiga wilderness sensationally smoothly landing in places where my hiking began over a week before and thanks to that I was able to be on time for my Sunday flight from Ivalo back to Helsinki. To sum up, fantastic experience in amazing country from which the complete story will appear on the website here soon. For the moment I invite all eyes inquisitive of frigid lands to the photogallery from the trip.
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nick: Tomek
2012-01-27 19:32
Hi Michael! How great to hear that message of the haunted house on the lake where one, tiny mouse invaded me all night long :))) Lucky you to operate in UKK for half a year, that will surely be a wonderful experience! Following your blog just now and coming back to Finnish taiga - Lemmenjoki wilderness this time - in March, simply can't wait... Best greets from Subcarpathia to Lappish dreamland!
nick: Rautulampi
2012-01-26 14:54
Hello, my name is Mickaël I am trainee Urho Kekkonen National Park until july. I saw today your message in the cabins Rauntulampi. http://stageenlaponie.blogspot.com/

In search of ...Tatras

Spreading like wildfire we used to call the fastness in which a usual gossip spreads among a circle of people and it seems there is not much difference in that process with some internet revelations especially such intriguing as supposed view of snow-covered Tatras from green hills above ...Rzeszów, which moreover I see from my window from as long as
I remember. Hot news like that confirmed even with an impressive photo I must admit appeared on the web portal of the popular, local newspaper ''Nowiny'' what attracted that another exceptionally sunny afternoon quite considerable group of the inquisitives to vantage points around the town. I was among them as well. It is always some enjoyment to take a stroll from Matysówka village to the transmission tower just like in the good, old days, have a pint and admire surrounding Subcarpathian panoramas and everything looking lovely, but as much as I wanted to believe and see those Tatra peaks from above hometown with my own eyes I must admit that regardless how strongly unfaithful Thomas goggled into sunset horizon, not even a single tatralike piece of shadow showed itself in the eyes of imagination.
Despite those facts, sunset scenery and the atmosphere of encounter with all those people interested, desiring something truly out of the ordinary were just brilliant.
Once again it has been proved that honest intentions plus a bit of real desire occuring in seemingly trivial circumstances may give birth to absolutely extraordinary situations.
Great memories of Tatras viewed from serious distances come back to life when recalling studying times in Cracow and those autumnal escapades to that one and only bench with dream view to Lodowy peak above Salvatorian Cementery under Kościuszko's Mound or Tatra mirages viewed from the windows of train gathering speed between Dunajec river valley and small, country station in Bogumiłowice near Tarnów. The very last view of the crown of Tatra peaks, I had occasion to observe from some "unusual" distance occured to me one extremely frosty, January evening of winter 2009 just below Tarnica summit in Bieszczady mountains, the view which
I somehow managed to capture though my hands were shivering and getting totally ossified from biting cold, with no impressive zoom, but still they, so remote Tatras are there.
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The crown of Scokista

There are such spots and vistas in the mountains painted by the almighty genius of nature for which stating a comment in the very first enchantement moment of the sudden sensual impression. There were dozens of places of that kind that we passed during our September traverse of Prokletije "The Accursed Mountains", standing bowed on high, windy passes, heading into interiors of the most impressive panoramas of the neverending maze of mountain massifs behind which we often haven't had a clue what to expect, getting up at cool mornings after bivouacs just anywhere where the dark of night caught us the day before and where eyes and imagination were being awoken by the curtain of rugged rocky ridges wallowing in the purple haze of rising Sun above the sea of still so vividly green forests, resounding secret hoots...
"The crown of Scokista" - the image presented here is the view of Scokista/Alb: Maja Scokistes/(2396) massif's rocky spires seen from shores of completely dried up Ropojansko Jazero lake at the border point of Montenegro and Albania in the southern closure of Ropojana valley. The fact worth mentioning here is that some unclimbed cliffs of those towering spires on the left of the picture were successfully conquered by Polish climbers and detailed reports about that fascinatig action may be found HERE(in Polish only). On the other hand this week ''The crown of Scokista'' decorates Summitpost.org web portal frontpage as Photo of the week thanks to votes of your support for which I express my infinite gratitude!
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Echoes of the Accursed Mountains. Prokletije/Bjeshkët e Nemuna - September 2011

I have no clue who named these mountains the name they wear, but regarding that vastness of undisturbed beauty
I found there I remain convinced that none of Gods from any side of the ridge are to blame...
These are the mountains. The mountains of the eternal borderland between nations, cultures and religious ideas. Valleys and passes through the ages crossed south or north by many searching for better tomorrow or just escaping, soaring, rocky peaks almost shadowing the birthplace of modern, European civilization. Mountains of encounter rising in the very middle and so remote at the same time pushed into total isolation by those who aspired to change the unstoppable course of the history of human development...Winds of change blew a song of freedom 20 years ago there as well.
One of the most unexplored corners of the Old continent, mountain wilderness of extreme, untouched beauty inviting and open wide as never for all those inquistive minds always looking for some ancient world and life run in accordance with nature and its gifts they deeply believe it still exists somewhere up there in the roadless highlands despite the global invasion of tempting postmodern giftsets of easiness and trash fun as we all "city people" enjoy so much...
To feed my curiosity of the unexplored and wild, in search of that freedom of mind after long months spent sticked in a frustrating cage of a boring, mechanical "life for money", to catch that one and only silence filling the most tremendous rock amphitheatres I know and at last to feel some real summertime atmosphere I went there again, to the South, to the Accursed Mountains/Alb: Bjeshket e Nemuna, Mne: Prokletije/ of the Montenegrin-Albanian frontier.
Simply too many stories to tell at that one occasion here now, presenting collection of my photo memories of those 2 adventurous, September/October weeks spent among the peaks, crags and in deep forests of the grand Prokletje. Following ancient sheperd trails and receiving a lot of help from Albanian sheperds themselves we have crossed the whole central part of the range starting from North with Ropojana continuing through Theth, Valbona, wild canyons of Cerem, summiting Kolata and Karanfili peaks above Grbaja valley for the final and Adriatic afterparty for goodbye.
Great memories for me and some views my eyes could admire while hiking across "The Accursed" are presented in 4 galleries for your enjoyment here.
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"Ordesa arc in evening spectacle" number one!

Nice surprise coming straight from Summitpost.org. One of the recent "Pyrenean postcards" pleased eyes of users and visitors of the greatest mountain web portal that much that gathering their votes of appreciation has been chosen for Photo of the week. Many thanks for all your support and engagement!
''Ordesa arc in evening spectacle'' is a photo taken on a so very memorable for me evening time of 1st September in a long descent from Monte Perdido summit via Lago Helado and further down to Refugio Goriz hut in Pyrenees of Aragon. The view was captured from the area of rocky thresholds around one hour of hiking above the hut. The colourful spectacle above grand Ordesa canyon arch spreading below and sea of peaks closing horizons to the West somewhere above Bujaruelo valley fully requited that "milk" from Perdido summit and... drove me into trouble on that exceptionally backbreaking way back down through black darkness towards bright lights of the hut. Facing such awesomness of the glorious moment rush was the very last thing which would absorb my head...
The one and many, many more September views of Pyrenees are to find in GALLERIES section and one PHOTOALBUM published on Summitpost.org. Feel invited!
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Albanian sketches. Origins and intro.

English version update, 01/12/2011
The original article published here in Polish language version in middle September presented some general assumptions of the planned exploration of Prokletije/Bjeshket e Nemuna mountain range in Montenegrin/Albanian frontier with historical-ethnical background and goals of upcoming late summer visit outlined. September mission in the Balkans was a great experience accomplished with satisfying results which are going to be reported on the website consecutively within next weeks.
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Around the Lost Mountain. Postcards from Ordesa.

I don't know if anyone has invented something more effective, practised ad hoc for the whole evil of opressing every day reality manacles than just discovering the new. A man, an idea, a place, a phenomenon - you stride forward to mesmerize yourself and to sustain that state of euphoric brainwave one more time, finding out that there, behind that cage you were stuck in for some more or less serious reasons, there is a wide world boiling with unmeasured richness of colours, emotions and beauty twisting your head in all directions and reflecting the flash of nearly child's amazement in your eyes... "To see and to feel something fresh, brand new" was the genesis of my first encounter with Pyrenees last week. Romantic nimbus of the great and a bit forgotten mountains nowadays, Ordesa's wide fame of "the great canyon of Europe" and the magnificent scenery of the ridges around the Lost Mountain of Monte Perdido which I knew from pictures only up to now and summer, summer and once again summer that hasn't died... were an absolute boost for me to travel that way.
It was only a week I spent in the mountains including not the shortest bus travels from Barcelona what was undoubtedly too short period of time to accomplish initial plans of hiking around Monte Perdido massif via Gavarnie on the French side. Lucky me, despite weather puzzles almost every morning, a bit kicked and weakened healthiness and that "self-sufficient sack" on my back weighing like some rocket launcher I managed to reach main targets of the Spanish trip classic program with successfull Monte Perdido(3,355) climb, traversing to the legendary, huge rock gate of Breche de Roland(2,807) pass, hiking Ordesa canyon broad and wide with bivouacing above the kilometre abyss, with the Sun finally which I was looking for so much and the madness of storms which I haven't missed that much at all, but which never spare me from themsleves. Enjoying the silence of so much non-Carpathian mountain wilderness and the atmosphere of evening at bottle of red wine in Goriz altogether with dozen of companions from all world's directions met on Pyrenean path. I've disengaged myself from the main reason of my complaints of recent months as the fate gave ma back the freedom which I awaited so much. To do everything to stay in good shape, to make all those plans outlined long before come true is the very first goal to achieve for me today.
With best Pyrenean greets to Katalin and Viktor, Volker, Andreas, David, Nadeige and Daniel "Aussie from above Ordesa" travelling the great, wide world.
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nick: Dersu Uzała
2011-09-16 03:15
Nie po tom Cię ze szczytów rozpaczy paźdzernikową nocą ciemną sprowadzał byś teraz puszczał bąki w kulturalnych miejscach, nowohucki zakapiorze. p.s. Jeszcze jedno Emilu: pracuj nad przeponą, dieta cud obawiam się może nie wystarczyć i ogarnij drewutnię, bo lada dzień, lada tydzień Cię zaszczycę...
nick: Emil C.
2011-09-15 22:25
Czcza gadanina i słodkie pierdzenie wiejskiego filozofa z Pierdido Mojrzeszowa.

2700 km Carpathian odyssey by Simno Dubuis. July snows, green polonynas.

English version update 01/12/2011
The original article published here in Polish version in middle July presented a person of Simon Dubuis, a brave French globetrotter who began to realise his impressive project of the whole Carpathian arch backpacking early June days this year. 2700 km and 3,5-month long trek was another big ambituous goal for him after succeeding in similar long distance hiking across the whole length of Alps(From Nice to Vienna, including Mont Blanc summittng, in 112 days). Not having too much luck with terrible weather while passing Tatras at the very beginning(June/July snowfalls) of the "trip", the fearless traveller kept himself in a good shape showing extremely high motivation, spending nearly four months in Carpathian wilderness and finally accomplishing his dream mission reaching town of Nis in Serbia by the end of September safe and sound. Hats off!!!
Detailed info on Simon's great hiking projects to be found on his website transcarpatie.dubuis.net /In French only/
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When morning eyes scramble rainbow high... Springtime erratum to passed winter's tale.

Three days is really not much one will say... In everyday reel of life filled with repetituous events that is a hardly palpable glimpse of time indeed. On the other hand, from the same point of view these three days in Tatras are almost like landing on the moon nowadays...2,5 months awaited. Coming back to places which I crossed on skis passed wintertime, non-planned wandering along the trail of Ciemne Smreczyny highlighted with two fantastic bivouacs under May skies amongst blooming spring of valleys and soaring Mieguszowieckis and Hruby ridges still speckled with white snow spots... with remote waterfall hum blending with singing birds above Garajova meadow, face to face with chamoises on Liliowe pass and a rainbow view for good morning in Valentkova. Neither more, nor less, but three days in Tatras that were missed so much, presented HERE in pictures for your enjoyment.
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Tatra morning encounters

"An early morning walk is a blessing for the whole day" as inspired Thoreau used to write while sitting upon sparkling waters of Walden pond in the most glorious literary apotheosis of the "morning" - the holiest time of a day...
A herd of deers, chamoises at arm's length, famous writers/yes, yes!/ and apart from all those mountains bathed in the springtime freshness... after storm skies painted with colourful rainbow, that is all what was welcoming the new day with me those days, early June, while wandering ancient trail of Ciemne Smreczyny in Tatras. What would Thoreau say for that? What about your impressions? Feel invited to visit the photogallery!
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Sisyphean... works on the website

A few, new homepage language versions, some photos and album covers stiill without content, corrections of older texts, constructing basic frames for database of Tatra peaks /Tatra Highest Peaks/ and launching finally one topic in Fascinations section, that is all I managed to accomplish on the webiste for more than 2 month time...needless to say the work pace worse than a snail and the prognosis on that for the upcoming weeks is not optimistic at all...
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Happy Birthday Goorol!

Best birthday wishes for Wojtek Koscielniak, full-time ;-) Lodowy.pl webmaster !
Not just a year older, but a year better, all the best!

Photo of the week!

I am happy to announce that following early publishing of pics from April Balkan voyage, the photo 'Maja Lagovjet above Zastan' has just gained a honourable Photo of the week title at Summitpost.org web portal/second time ever/.
Many thanks for all your votes and kind comments!

Happy Easter!

Best greetings of happy, sunny Easter time to all of you, dear visitors and supporters of that emerging webiste
Enjoy your holiday!

And let them be... Prokletije! Return from Balkans.

So, that's all for now folks. From stomach madness to Mother Valley's fussiness I would say... ;) Under my eyelids still richness of borning spring admirable views among snowy peaks above Grbaja and Ropojana. Besides some circumstances not worthy to mention here which hasn't allowed for many explorative actions that were planned, I have some irresistble feeling that rather sooner than later, we're gonna meet together again, somewhere there, in Prokletije.
Special thanks for Peter Budai from Budapest for logistic and moral support of the trip. Lengyel, magyar – két jó barát!!! ;)

Prokletije 2011 - Between winter and spring

I am really glad to announce that I am going to pay another visit to some fascinating places in Balkans on the first week of April. The main goal of the journey is further exploration of northern Prokletije mountain range in Montenegrin-Albanian frontier/Grbaja and Ropojana valleys area and traversing from North side to Qafa Pejës pass with descent to Theth,
if encountered snow conditions and avalanche danger allow me to do so/.
The photo footage of the mountains in winter scenery I wish to gain on that occasion will be used for future, creative projects that will be mentioned on the website soon.Keep your fingers crossed for the good weather!

Lodowy.pl - Construction time

The website is undergiong permanent construction process in all of its sections, in heavy battle for finding any spare time these days... I estimate current form and substance of Lodowy.pl at 10-15% of expected final content.
Staying on the run!

Following wolf's trace. Tatra winter adventure.

7-9 March. Adventurous ski tour in Tatras, crossing snowy passes from southern to northern side of the range on route:
Tri Studnicky - Koprova valley - Temne Smreciny - Zavory - Ticha valley - Tomanova Liptovska valley - Tomanova pass - Ornak(mountain chalet), with unplanned frosty bivouacing in Tomanova Liptovska deep forests( -15 Celsius in the night...).
Tatras in their full winter grace of brilliant sun and virgin, untouched snowland landscape for long kilometres in wilderness/wolf's traces at dawn only.../, what is not so common in that fickle winter season. Lucky me... :)

Farewell to good, old year in Tatras.

That was the first Christmas time in four years I was to spend at home, in Poland. Great occasion to drop in Tatras that simply couldn't have been missed. Though the weather wasn't perfect and some ambitious plans of winter bivouacs deep in the very heart of the mountains above Bielovodska valley lost their chance to be accomplished this time, it was great to see beloved Tatras after those long 5 months and to say goodbye to the passing year looking at the world and life from above. No doubt 2010 was the most special time for me reminiscing all those fantastic places and mountains I had great opportunity to admire and explore across Europe, experiencing some unforgetable adventures.
Keeping faith the upcoming 2011 won't be worse!
With best wishes to all Lodowy.pl viewers,
Happy climbs, happy trails and Happy New Year to you!
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